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It's my firm opinion that the greatest accomplishment a person can make is creating or doing something that will be remembered long after their death. A life that does not leave behind a legacy is a life not worth living.

With this ideology in mind, let this be a medium for the sharing and documentation of what I create, or help to create. Let it also be an inspiration for you to go out and make your own difference in the world.

Sep 5

This Week in Filmmaking - First NEX-5N Review & Transcend Recall


  • Another Nikon day on September 23rd and 24th. DSLRs finally? [NikonRumors]
  • Transcend is recalling some of its Class 10 16 GB SDHC cards. Check your serial numbers at CheesyCam to see if you’re affected.
  • EOSHD reviews the Sony NEX-5N and posts sample video. “There is absolutely no doubt that Sony have produced a dark horse here, at this price and position in the range.”


  • The translucent mirror in the A77 negatively affects picture quality? [SonyAlphaRumors]
  • Sony is developing three new fullframe cameras for 2012. All will be mirrorless, and could have a new 36 MP sensor. [SonyAlphaRumors]
  • Canon to release a new EF mount video camera in October. Will have APS-C sensor. [CanonRumors]

Of Note

  • Cinema5D reviews JAG35’s new $500 electronic follow focus. The verdict: great price, works decently, but very noisy and has some big flaws.
  • Attach lenses, microphones, and a tripod mount to an iPad 2 with this neat gadget for better-looking video. (But if you’re serious about video, get an actual video camera. The iPad’s camera is crap.)

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